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April 26, 2021

Mother’s Day Sale at All Nature’s Rec Locations!

Celebrate Mother's Day at any Nature's Recreational location! $10 Ripple Gummies, and 25% off chocolate bars and topicals all day long on Sunday May, 9th! Don't miss it!
Cannabis 101
January 21, 2021

What Are Cannabis Concentrates & What Are They Used For?

Cannabis concentrate covers a variety of products that use extracts from the Cannabis plant. Concentrates are prized for their potency and high THC content, though this varies depending on the…
Live Resin Cannabis 101
January 16, 2021

What is Live Resin and How is it Used?

Cannabis concentrates are currently very popular, giving people a way to experience higher levels of THC from small quantities. Live resin is a popular type of concentrate that's made using…
Shatter Cannabis 101
January 11, 2021

What Is Shatter and How Do You Use It?

Shatter is a type of Cannabis concentrate that gets its name from its brittle, glasslike consistency. Because it's a highly concentrated extract, shatter tends to be high in THC. However,…