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Founded in Boulder Colorado, Keef Cola offers cannabis infused sodas in a wide variety of your favorite flavors. Named “Best Edible” by Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 for their Bubba Kush Root Beer. Made with high quality CO2 cannabis extract and pure cane sugar.

Each bottle of Keef Cola not only tastes great, it’s packed full of vitamin C, B3, B6, B12, and 10 mg (rec) or 100 mg (med) THC.


Blue Raspberry (Med & Rec)
Purple Passion (Med & Rec)
Orange Kush (Med & Rec)
Flo Energy (Rec)
High Octane (Med)
Bubba Kush Root Beer (Med & Rec)
Keef Cola Original (Rec)
Cherry Bomb Cola (Med)

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